LED Ceiling Lighting for Office Buildings

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Office spaces are being redesigned with better alternatives to traditional fluorescent lamps. Office employees frequently get headaches and experience strain on their eyes after a whole day in the office with bright lighting. LEDs have been a popular replacement for ceiling lighting. Not only do they have better performance quality, but improve energy and maintenance savings. LEDs don’t require as much energy as alternative lamps do to light up a room, making them one of the best lamps to use when making a commercial building more sustainable meanwhile assisting in financial savings on utilities.

Amazing Savings with LED Ceiling Lighting

LED drop ceilings can help save an office building much more money than fluorescent lamps can. LEDs create light differently than fluorescent and other alternatives do. Rather than using heat to create light, light-emitting diodes are used instead. The difference in design helps LEDs use less energy than fluorescent and makes them last longer. LEDs can last over 50,000 hours on average, meanwhile, Fluorescents, by comparison, last up to 20,000 hours if they are not bumped, vibrated, or shocked. Often carrying Design Lights Consortium (DLC) standard and premium certifications, LED drop ceiling lights may even qualify for rebates and tax credits.

Trying to figure out your savings from an LED retrofit can be confusing. That’s why we created an eBook to help you figure out exactly how to calculate your savings. The Essential Guide to Calculating Energy Savings and ROI on any Lighting Project has all the calculations you need to figure out your savings.

Better Light Quality

Fluorescents do not provide the widest or best range of brightness or visibility. Additionally, fluorescent lamps require a warmup period, as well as the use of reflector plates to redirect light downward. This is not true with LED light ceiling panels. LED lights reach full brightness immediately. Because they face down, LED drop ceiling lights do not require the use of reflector plates to redirect light downward. They also come with prismatic lenses, which helps to soften the LED light and prevent glare. This means you can use fewer LED fixtures to achieve the same or better lighting than you would with fluorescents.

The fewer fixtures got your attention. You can learn more about using less LED fixtures in our blog; If I Upgrade to LED, Can I Use Fewer Fixtures? It’s a must read for those considering an LED Retrofit.

LED drop ceiling panels also offer you the ability to better tailor the lighting to the specific tasks being performed in the area. Measured in Kelvin (K), some examples of this include:

  • 3500K: If you want to create a warm, inviting atmosphere, 3500K LED lighting is a great choice. Retail stores, hotels, and other hospitality-based buildings would find this ideal.
  • 4000K: Eye strain can be a serious issue in office spaces, classrooms, and libraries. The use of 4000K LED drop ceiling panels can help reduce eye strain and promote healthy work environments.
  • 5000K: Visibility and alertness is essential for hospital occupants. Auditoriums, healthcare facilities, and other large spaces may all increase visibility with the use of 5000K LED light ceiling panels.

Lighting Control Options for Your LED Ceiling Lighting

LED lighting can be easily paired with lighting control systems as a way to transition the office into an intelligent building. Most common lighting controls used throughout commercial buildings and offices are daylight sensors, motion sensors and automated scheduling. Daylight sensors will adjust the lighting to match the daylight cycle by having brighter lighting in the afternoon and slowly dimming it as it gets closer to the evening. Motion sensors automatically turn lights off when the room is not in use and time scheduling turns lights on and off at certain points of the day. Lighting controls give buildings the opportunity to provide better and more comfortable lighting quality to employees meanwhile conserving energy throughout the building. Lighting can be controlled by specific lighting fixtures, rooms or entire zones of a building, like certain offices or floors.

Did you know we have an entire blog category dedicated to Lighting and Power Systems? We have several educational blog series for Lighting Control Systems, as well as Power Supply Systems.

Designed for Easy Installation

LED drop ceiling panels are designed for easy installation. In fact, most can be installed by a single person directly to a T-bar grid. If replacing one or two panels, this makes installation quick and easy. To ensure all installation scenarios are addressed, additional mounting options are included when LED drop ceiling panels are packaged as a set. This includes ceiling cable mounts, as well as dry wall mounts. Based on your use, you may have a specific certification or usage requirement. All of your LED light ceiling panels should be clearly labeled for use. Whether you need a certificate or rating from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Edison Testing Laboratories (ETL), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), or National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), an LED lighting product exists for you. Furthermore, while LED drop ceiling panels are for indoor use only, there are plenty of outdoor options as well. Waterproof, indoor, and outdoor usage will be clearly on each product to ensure proper use.


Explore LED Drop Ceiling Options with Action Services Group

Businesses are looking for more ways to promote their sustainability goals while saving money as well. Installing LED retrofits and lighting control systems help improve a businesses ROI and gain energy savings. Businesses will also notice improved productivity among their employees by having a more comfortable work environment. If you are interested in learning more about LED drop ceiling lighting, or any other type of LED lighting for your office building, please contact Action Services Group today, by scheduling a call with our representatives, calling 610-558-9773 or email [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.


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