LED Light Towers – What Are Your Advantages?

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When it comes to light towers, it is important to choose the correct lighting. LED light towers have become the popular choice over their fluorescent counterparts. LED lights have a lot of benefits when looking to retrofit local light towers. LED lamps last longer than other lighting options. Lamps in an LED light tower can last up to 50,000 hours rather than incandescent that only lasting a fraction of that. LEDs provide more durability when it comes to the elements, performing much better when faced with strong winds and low temperatures.  
LED light tower offer increased performance, providing better lighting and are more eco-friendly. LEDs don’t give off as much heat energy as traditional lights. In traditional lighting towers, 80% of the energy is lost by giving off heat rather than light. LEDs also provide better lighting performance offering additional safety measures for the public at night and to workers when using a mobile light tower.  
LED retrofits provide customizable lighting options for organizations. Some LEDs have quick installation and remote lighting control options. For light towers, it is vital to choose the correct color, light density and to make sure the lighting meets maintenance requirements.  
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