Reducing Costs with Electrical Maintenance Services

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Electrical work can be expensive. However, outsourcing can help to reduce these costs, increase your profits, and keep your business up and running.
Want to know more? The experts with Action Services Group explain how electrical maintenance services can help cut overall costs and increase profits.

Electrical Services

There are a lot of reasons to consider outsourcing electrical maintenance services. However, the top 3 reasons often cited include increased financial planning accuracy, reduced downtime, and dedicated professional support. But what does this really mean to you?

Increased Financial Planning Accuracy

It can be difficult to accurately plan budgets when it comes to electrical maintenance. Whether you are a large or small business, your financial records will likely show a continuous increase in electrical maintenance costs over the years. This is largely due to the fact that fixtures, replacement parts, and repairs continue to increase in price.
However, when you hire an outside entity to address your electrical maintenance services, you will likely see these costs decrease. Why? Outsourcing electrical maintenance to a professional provider comes with several cost benefits. The first is known as “economy of scale”. Because these professionals deal with manufacturers on a much more frequent and larger scale, they benefit from reduced wholesale prices. This then gets passed onto their clients and helps to reduce electrical maintenance costs overall.
Furthermore, electrical maintenance services with highly regarded companies, like Action Services Group, can help reduce the likelihood of improperly completed jobs. When unskilled or inexperienced electricians perform work, this can lead to increased dangers and damages. To fix this, yet another electrician will have to be hired to rework what the previous person completed. This makes financial planning harder, as you will have to pay twice for a job poorly done.
In addition to this, most professional electrical maintenance groups can also provide pricing structures that make financial planning much easier. In fact, Action Services Group can provide comprehensive pricing lists that are tailored to the scope of your specific commercial space. Comprehensive lists like this can show you, upfront, what cost can be expected when it comes to your commercial building.

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Reduced Electrical Downtime Leads to Increased Profits

When electrical problems occur, it can lead to downtime. Depending on how long it takes to restore power, this can mean hours to weeks of reduced profits relating to your business.
Contracting with a professional electrical maintenance service provider often comes with an upfront understanding of potential response times. This includes regular maintenance, which can be scheduled at specific times and intervals, as well as the time it takes to respond to an emergency situation. For example, you may want an expert to visit, inspect, and perform maintenance twice a year, after hours, to ensure your electrical system remains up to expectations and all issues are corrected. However, should an emergency occur, your agreement may specify that an electrician will respond within 4 hours of that call, regardless of the day or time.
Whatever your agreement, downtime impacts your profits. However, it also can impact staffing. Because outsourcing electrical maintenance gives you more control over your budget and reduces expensive electric emergency services, it means you could hire more staff. More staff means you can take on new projects or work current ones more quickly. This can increase your overall profits!

Dedicated Electrical Maintenance Professionals

Fixing electrical problems yourself can be expensive and dangerous, especially if you are inexperienced. Additionally, hiring electricians to respond just to emergencies is extremely expensive.
When you contract with an experienced electrical services company, such as Action Services Group, to provide electrical maintenance, you opt for keeping a dedicated professional in your pocket. Much less expensive than a one-time job or emergency response, this dedicated professional will ensure any work is completed quickly and correctly the first time, regardless of scope.

All of the above cost savings have your interest, and you are considering hiring an electrical services provider. But how do you pick one that will offer you the service you need, all while reducing your costs? We have just the article for you. Try reading: What to Look for in an Electrical Maintenance Service Company. This article will give you key metrics to look for as well as questions to ask your potential electrical maintenance service provider.

Other Cost Benefits of Electrical Maintenance Services

In case you are looking for even more cost benefits, we wanted to list a few more incentives that often help play a role in the decision to outsource work. These include:

  • Additional Value-Added Services: In addition to reduced costs, many electrical maintenance services include other value-added benefits. This includes things like energy efficiency consultations, spatial planning and outlining, and future design assistance at little to no cost to you.
  • Reduced Errors: How many maintenance employees you have is largely based on what you can afford. For example, you may not be able to cover the salary and overhead costs associated with having two experienced maintenance personnel on your staff. However, when you contract with a professional electrical maintenance services group, they provide the bodies to get the work done. (This means salaries and overhead are transferred to the outsourced company!) It also means a reduced likelihood of issues that may result from overworked employees. If you can only afford to hire one experienced electrician on your payroll, this person is likely on call at all hours, especially if you have multiple shifts and operations occurring throughout a 24-hour period. Overworked employees can lead to sloppy or degraded work. When it comes to your electrical needs, this can lead to dangerous situations, including fires.
  • Quality Assurance: A well-done job can lead to fewer issues and reduced expenses in the long run. Most professional electrical maintenance companies back their work with guarantees, incentives, and other such benefits. This means that if quality work is not performed the first time, they fix the issues on their dollar – not yours. However, because these companies are highly motivated to provide quality work the first time around, you can rest assured that a dependable, experienced professional is attending to your electrical needs.
  • Forward Focus: At the end of the day, outsourcing electrical services allows you to focus on other aspects of your business. Focusing on these other activities and issues means you have more time to run your business instead of worrying about or dealing with electrical problems. Come up with new designs, generate better marketing campaigns, or simply focus on improved production and employee satisfaction – whatever you have been struggling to find time for, you now have the time to address!

Electrical Maintenance Services with Action Services Group

If you would like to learn more about our available electrical maintenance services, contact Action Services Group today by calling 610-558-9773, email [email protected] or schedule a call! Our experts are standing by to help.


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