Retail Store Lighting – Upgrade to LED

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The demand for retail store lighting is increasing. Upgrading to LED lighting is helping to meet the demand while also reducing energy costs. Did you know LED lighting also decreases maintenance costs and the need for future upgrades? Whether you are considering updating your outdoor, indoor retail lighting, or both here are a few things to consider.

Outdoor Retail Lighting

Some factors to consider with outdoor retail lighting include the following.

Want to learn more about exterior lighting for your retail location? Did you know we have a Product Education Center? It has an in-depth coverage of wall pack, post top, parking lot and area lighting, and so much more. Find detailed information on these topics including common lighting vs LEDs.

Interior Retail Lighting

Indoor retail lighting refers to the lights inside the business. Most often, these are ceiling-mounted high bay or fluorescent tubes. Since these lights are almost continuously on, energy savings is a key concern. Switching to LED lighting can save up to 40 – 60% on energy costs. The amount of savings depends on the type of bulbs you are replacing.

Like outdoor retail LED lighting, transitioning to energy efficient bulbs also reduces maintenance costs. Your staff will spend less time changing out the bulbs, allowing them to concentrate on other work-related tasks. You also do not need to contact a lighting specialist as often to change our higher placed bulbs.

Another benefit of installing indoor LED lights is its color rendering index (CRI). White light is brighter than traditional lighting improving the customer’s experience in your business.


Refrigerator LED Lighting

LED lighting is compatible with controls like motion sensors. Instead of relying on staff to remember to turn off the refrigerator lights, the sensors take care of it automatically. Motion sensors turn the lights on when movement is detected and turn the fixtures off when the space is empty. It’s a simple way to conserve energy and reduce electrical costs.

Using LEDs to Showcase Products

Did you know you can use LEDs to highlight specific products? LED spotlights can focus on a specific product, drawing consumers’ attention. It’s an effective way to boost sales and save on energy costs.

Are You Ready to Update Your Retail Lighting?

Updating to LED lighting in retail spaces has major benefits. You can reduce energy usage while attracting customers to your business. Outdoor LED lighting improves security in dark parking lots and interior retail lighting gives consumers a better shopping experience.

Give your retail space a fresh, new feel with LEDs and we can help you through every step of your project. Contact us today to learn more about upgrading your retail store lighting. Call 610-558-9773, email, or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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