Strategies to Light a Commercial Facility

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Improving lighting within a commercial building can be easily done in multiple ways. How an area is lit can have an effect on the space itself. Lighting fixtures should be customized and placed strategically depending on how the space is being used. Offices tend to have lots of ceiling lighting in order to provide lighting for employees. Retail and restaurants may use other types of fixtures that are more decorative and help create an ambiance for the area to make it more attractive to customers.

Using LEDs for commercial use gives more variety for the types of lighting strategies that get implemented for commercial buildings. LEDs may cost more up front than alternative lamps but help save more money in the long run because they have a longer life span and have better energy saving qualities. Switching to LEDs will result in massive energy and maintenance savings for the building owner plus improves the environment for employees and tenants inside.

LEDs allow for customizing the lighting color and lighting controls. For offices, lighting controls can be set to mimic daylight by brightening and dimming the lights throughout the day. They can also have motion or time sensors to turn lights off when a room is not in use. Commercial facilities can choose the lighting color that is best for their business. Restaurants and retail will need a color temperature that doesn’t alter the color of their products too much but also keeps the lighting comfortable for customers and employees.

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