Tips for Choosing Airport Lighting

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Every location has different lighting requirements, including airports. Today’s airport lighting design does more than illuminate the space, ensuring travelers can find their way to the gate. Along with being functional, the interior lighting should meet travelers’ needs. To meet the expectations of modern travelers, here are four tips to help airports create the ideal lighting design.

1. Take Advantage of Environmentally Friendly Lighting Options

Consumers are paying more attention to the impact businesses have on the environment. Airports that employ environmentally friendly practices often experience a boost in their brand’s reputation. Choosing to support greener lighting practices can also help airports reduce their energy usage costs. One of the biggest contributors to high energy bills is airport lighting. Choosing energy-efficient lighting products that also provide reliable and adequate illumination can lower electricity costs and the airport’s environmental impact. Lighting solutions to consider include using fixtures with low wattage and a high lumens output.


2. Use Different Types of Lighting Fixtures

Troffer lighting and fluorescent lamps were standard in airports but this is changing. Lighting fixtures are evolving in function and appearance. Now, airports have several types of lighting fixtures to choose from. For overhead lighting, consider using recessed LED back lit panel fixtures. These lighting fixtures are capable of illuminating larger areas like security checkpoints and baggage claims. The recessed lights can also be used in hallways and walkways. An advantage of recessed lighting is it gives travelers a break from bright lights while still providing plenty of illumination.

3. Consider Using LED Solutions

LEDs as a lighting solution provides multiple benefits to airports. The lamps are long-lasting and energy efficient. Airports not only save on monthly utility costs but also on reduced maintenance. Since LEDs last longer than other types of lighting, airports can also save on replacements. Even though LEDs are typically priced higher, airports quickly see a return on their initial investment. (As a bonus, depending upon your airports location, there may also be substantial incentives and rebates available to you). Most LEDs can provide up to 100,000 hours of evenly distributed light.

Another advantage of LEDs is the low heat output. It is a reason why the fixtures last longer and the lower heat output can also benefit the airport’s HVAC system. The HVAC system often does not need to cycle as often to keep the airport at a comfortable temperature.

4. Take Advantage of Lighting Control Solutions

Lighting control solutions include dimmers and timers. Installing the controls on the LED lighting fixtures is an effective way to reduce energy use. Airports have areas that tend to be busier at specific times of the day or year. When these areas are not in use, adjusting the lighting accordingly can significantly lower monthly energy bills. Dimmers can automatically or manually adjust the lighting’s brightness levels to match the ambient light in the room. Timers can automatically turn lights on and off at preset times. Using lighting control solutions reduces energy consumption while also ensuring travelers are comfortable in the airport.

Airport Lighting Upgrades with Action Services Group

If your airport is considering and LED Retrofit or a Next Gen LED upgrade, Action Services Group is here to help. We offer a fully turn-key process, including purchasing, project management, installation, incentive and rebate recovery services, and so much more. 

To learn more about our airport lighting solutions, contact Action Services Group today. Call us at 610-558-9773, email [email protected] or schedule a call.


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