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Our Customers

We assist our customers in their efforts to save energy which reduces operating costs while maintaining and improving the aesthetics of their facilities. We accomplish this by surveying, specifying, evaluating and installing turn-key solutions at customers’ facilities. We realize every customer has different needs, and our “solution” based approach meets your variety of needs. Our customers include both Fortune 1000 and smaller firms nationwide.

Industries We Serve

Facility or Building Owner/Manager

Lighting is one of the least efficient energy conversion processes consuming up to 30% and 40% of the energy used by a building. The replacement of outdated lighting systems allows for the fastest return on investment (ROI), paying for themselves within an average of one to three years or less. This is a practical way to reduce operating costs (in some cases by as much as 25%) for the entire facility. For our customers, lighting is the absolute quickest bang for their buck.

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Hospital and Medical Facilities

Hospitals and healthcare facilities rely on lighting 24/7/365. Long hours of operation result in short payback periods, when these facilities switch to energy-efficient LED lighting. LED lighting is also the only lighting technology that is RoHS compliant. This is due to not using heavy metals such as mercury in its manufacture. It is essential for our customers in hospitals and healthcare facilities, as they are required by law to reduce the use of mercury within their facilities.

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Industrial or Warehouse Facilities

Lighting is an essential part of any industrial or warehouse setting. We can take our customers from start to finish in the process of upgrading their facility lighting for optimized efficiency. We identify needs and goals, suggest potential solutions, and outline how to make it happen with minimal disruption to your operations.

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Real Estate Organizations

Looking for a way to make your tenants’ environment safe and more efficient? As well as increase the value of your property? All too often, an LED lighting upgrade is seen as an expenditure or a maintenance issue. These projects are capital improvements. This improvement will increase the market value of your property. So how do you calculate the increase in value of a property? To get a true look, consider both long-term energy and maintenance savings to the increase in cash flow. One method is to take the annual savings and multiply it by the rate of return. A number is generally between a factor of 6 and 10. So $10,000 in savings per year can mean $60,000 to $100,000 in increased market value.

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In retail chains such as specialty, big box, supermarket, convenience store, full and quick server restaurants, lighting plays a vital part in enhancing the look and feel, leading to increased sales. LED retail lighting helps retailers save energy and reduce maintenance costs, all while maintaining a high level of light quality in retail displays. LEDs enhance product displays with their long life, directional light, uniform brightness, and illumination. LEDs are also an ideal solution for retail accent lighting. In cold operating environments such as refrigeration, LEDs provide uniformity, they are dimmable and are controllable, thus allowing our customers to turn them off when they don’t need them.

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Schools & Universities

Schools and universities everywhere are graduating to LED lighting. Our customers are gaining profoundly lower operating costs and minimal maintenance. As extra credit, winning LED certification and utility rebates. Full-spectrum, flicker-free light has students and staff alike enjoying vastly improved visibility. This is happening in classrooms, offices, and common areas, while better-lit grounds, pathways, and parking areas enhance safety and security. LEDs are the perfect option for eliminating dark patches, as well as ensuring a safe campus environment. You can accomplish all of this while keeping operational costs as low as possible.

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Esco’s & Facility Management Companies

We provide the service, project management, and installation for third-party companies such as Esco’s (Energy Service Companies) and Facility Management Companies.

Projects we help with include:

  • Small and large retrofit lighting projects
  • Major universities and hotels
  • Life safety exit and emergency lighting
  • Lighting services for Facility Management Companies
  • Electrical services for Facility Management Companies
  • Installation and retrofit projects for sign manufacturers

Our expertise and experience, along with our database of technicians, allow us to provide excellent service at competitive rates. Providing a transparent service to the Third Party Company so they can focus on the growth of their business.

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