4 Reasons Decision Makers Like to Partner with Action Services Group for a Turn Key Lighting Retrofit

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LED lighting is taking over the lighting industry and beating out other lighting alternatives like incandescent and fluorescent. LED’s technology makes it suitable for businesses of all industries because of its customizable options and advancements in energy consumption. Updating with an LED retrofit will help your building lower energy consumption, save money on electric bills meanwhile requiring less maintenance. Trying to install and maintain LED lighting throughout a whole facility can be too much work for a single person. Having a lighting solution partner takes all of the stress out of installing and maintaining your LED retrofits.

Identify Your Goals

Having a company like Action Services Group can help you identify your lighting needs and goals. Choosing what your lighting goals are will set the whole foundation of your LED retrofit and dictate what direction to take your lighting plan. The most common goals to retrofitting your facility is:

  • lowering energy usage
  • decreasing electric bills
  • reducing maintenance
  • bettering your lighting performance

Having a solution-based partner can help you build a project plan to balance your priorities. Our lighting solutions take a unique approach by customizing the project plan specifically to your main priority.


Choosing Products

After deciding what your goals are for your facility. Our lighting experts will help you choose the perfect products for your LED retrofit. Having a product-neutral partner will open more doors to the possibilities of lighting to choose from. Some distributors will only carry certain brands that you can pick from, meanwhile a product neutral lighting partner will have more options and more price ranges to better customize your LED retrofit.

Action Services Group is also able to help you upgrade your old LEDs that may be at the end of their life-span to next-gen lighting solutions to help you keep up with the latest lighting technology.

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Single Point of Contact

Having a turn-key project partner means they will handle your retrofit from beginning to end. Your LED Solutions Partner will be the single point of contact from product recommendation, product purchasing, delivery, installation, and overall project management. Having one sole contact alleviates all the stress of having numerous contacts for your retrofit. Action Services group offers ServicePoint Solutions our enterprise management system for you to stay informed of your project and keep on track with real-time updates.

Track Record of Success

An experienced lighting expert and project partner will have a track record of success. They will be able to show you many samples of completed projects and positive feedback to show that they can successfully manage your LED retrofit. Being able to reference client success will solidify their professionalism and experience.

LED Retrofits with Action Services Group

Action Services Group has over 30 years of project-based lighting solutions and LED retrofits. Our lighting specialists are able to take your call and help you identify your lighting goals. You can reach out to us by calling 610-558-9773, emailing [email protected], or schedule a call by clicking the button below.


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