Air and Space Smithsonian Embraces Digital Signage

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In Washington D.C., new digital signage was added to the Smithsonian museums and airport locations. The Air and Space Museum is presenting its newly renovated exhibits that include digital signs to help guide visitors through the museum. It is only partially open to the public and still has more work to continue into the future. The new signage can help people gain more information about the museum, such as where the information desk is or getting help with directions to galleries and restrooms. The high-definition screens in gallery rooms show detailed images and videos of space and other planets to engage their audience. The museum will have hundreds of digital signs and displays once all of the renovations are completed. 40 digital signs will be for general information about the museum and visitor information, and almost 500 will be displayed for the exhibits.

“Digital signs are extremely valuable,” says Alex Van Ness, the museum’s supervisor of exhibit technology. “There’s so much to see when you come into a large museum space, and it’s overwhelming.

Digital signage has been primarily used for businesses such as retail and restaurants but is now spreading to other sectors. They’ve grown popular because of the versatility they have and how attention grabbing they are. TSA has also been implementing digital signage into their security process. Having the instructions clearly printed at each checkpoint helps make the screening process run faster. Digital signage can be extremely helpful for all types of sectors. They’ve grown popular because of the versatility they have and how attention grabbing they are. Schools have been installing digital signage as a way to relay information to their students about academics and social calendars.

Click here to read the full article, originally published November 1, 2022, by FedTech.


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