Commercial Properties Can Benefit from Rooftop Solar Panels

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Commercial properties are having solar panels installed as a way to improve sustainability strategies for businesses and their net-zero emissions goals. Rooftop solar panels have the power to prepare a commercial building for the future by embracing new technology. Solar panels can help facilities not be so reliant on utility companies by creating their own electricity. It also can provide backup power source in case of an emergency. If the building has plans or already has EV charging stations on the property, then solar panels can help offset some of the electricity being used towards the charging stations.

Solar panels can be especially helpful in reducing electricity usage for industrial facilities, like factories. It can help reduce the amount of electricity being used by all of the heavy machinery. Other industries can use solar panels as a means to prove their brands’ commitment to sustainability efforts in an attempt to attract new customers and maintain relationships with current customers.

Commercial properties are a good fit for rooftop solar panels because they typically have a flat rooftop that is optimal for generating solar energy. In some commercial areas, like in cities, the solar panels will not get blocked by tall trees and are tall enough to reach a lot of sunlight. When installing solar panels, its important to work closely with commercial electricians who specialize in in solar panel electrical projects and coordinate with the local utility provider.

Click here to read the full article, originally published July 20, 2023 by Clean Technica.


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