Holiday Decoration Safety That Prevents Fires

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Even though it hasn’t passed Thanksgiving yet, people are ready to begin decorating for the holidays. The time of year is coming when people cover their homes and businesses in holiday lights and decorations inside and out. From the Christmas tree to outdoor displays, some go above and beyond with their holiday cheer. It’s important to watch out for your electrical safety as cold winters and holiday season fall upon us. It can be easy to overload your electrical systems and put your home or business at risk of a fire.

There are a few rules you want to follow when you are plugging in any decorations or lights. First is to always check all cords for frays or cracked wires because they can cause you to get shocked or cause a fire. Also, you don’t want to install too many plugs into one extension cord or outlet. Never have cords pulling, tugging or have furniture placed on top of or over the wires. This will end up damaging the longevity of your decorations.

When it comes to your tree, always keep live trees well-watered and away from heat sources like space heaters, fireplaces, and air vents so you don’t dry out your tree and put it at risk of a fire. If you’re using a fake tree, then check to make sure you purchase one that is fire-resistant. Hanging lights on the tree always sets the mood for the holiday spirit but be sure you don’t plug more than three strands on string lights together at one time.

As you start having to crank up the heat in your home and business, always keep a few safety tips in mind. First, you don’t want to use your oven as a way to heat your home. If you’re using a fireplace or a space heater, keep all flammable items away from the heat source as a way to prevent a fire and don’t have them running while you or your family are not home or sleeping.

Be sure to always read and follow the health and safety instructions on your decorations and heaters.

Click here to read the full article, originally published November 27, 2019, by Fox 43.


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