Lighting Project Schedule – 4 Obstacles to Avoid

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Construction delays can be caused by conflicts with your lighting project schedule. You may think delays are a part of almost every project, but you can take steps to avoid the inconvenience.
Before you start your lighting project, take a look at these four obstacles you want to avoid.

What Goes into Planning a Lighting Project Schedule

Whether it’s a simple retrofit or a high-end lighting project, a lot goes into planning. The design, budget, getting prerequisites, and scheduling are part of the process.
Most individuals follow seven steps in a lighting project.

  1. Receiving approval for the project
  2. Placing orders for lighting products
  3. Receiving the orders
  4. Begin installation
  5. Complete the lighting install
  6. Send out or pay any outstanding invoices
  7. Close the project

These steps are easy to follow, unfortunately, events can happen that are out of your control causing project delays.

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4 Lighting Project Obstacles to Avoid

Avoiding these four obstacles will help keep your lighting project on schedule.

1. Utility Rebate Timelines

Utility rebates can help offset a large percentage of your lighting project costs. It’s a potential rebate you don’t want to miss, but you do want to pay attention to the timeline.
A pre-project inspection is required by utility companies before any rebates are issued. It means you can’t begin your lighting project until the inspector gives the go-ahead. Depending on your location, it can take four weeks or more to schedule the inspection.
Without proper planning, the inspection can through off your lighting project schedule by a month or longer.

Let us help you with utility rebates, so you don’t have to worry about delays! Schedule a call that fits your need by clicking the button below. We offer a fully turn-key LED project management solutions for your lighting project. (Our solution includes all rebates and incentives)

2. Product Lead Timelines

You can’t start or complete a lighting project without products like fixtures and bulbs. Knowing your lead time will make project planning easier and help prevent unnecessary delays.
Manufacturer lead times vary for multiple reasons. Product availability and geographical locations all factor into when your order arrives.
Lead times often range around four to six weeks but remember it is only an estimated. It’s always a good idea to plan your lighting project schedule around the manufacturer’s longest lead time.
We can help you manage your product lead times and will work to ensure your deliveries arrive on time. As a product neutral company, we procure the best products to suite your needs, including delivery times.

3. Local Permitting Timelines

Sometimes getting approval from local and state authorities for a lighting project is a breeze. You fill out and submit some paperwork, and within a short time, you have the necessary approval.
States like Florida make it a little more difficult to obtain construction permits, even for a lighting project. You may also run into necessary site inspections or EPA approval.
Complicated lighting projects may require more than the normal permits. It can easily become a challenging experience that threatens to delay construction.
We are familiar with your local construction requirements and can help you navigate the process.

Are you value engineering your lighting project the right way? What is the right way? Well, we answer these questions and more in our latest blog, Value Engineering the Right Way. We recommend checking it out after you finish this blog!

4. Installation Timelines

Good communication with your installation team is crucial for keeping a lighting project on schedule. You may run into delays with permits or rebates, so keep your install crew informed of any changes to the schedule.
We can help you avoid these lighting project obstacles. Reach out to one of our lighting specialists and let our project management team help you with your lighting project schedule. Contact us today and by calling 610-558-9773, emailing [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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