Nebraska Convenience Store Chain Adjusts to Digital Signage

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A Nebraska-based convenience store is upgrading their exterior signage to digital signs. Kwik Stop is a 24-hour gas station and convenience store. The business development manager, Sean O’Neill, decided it was time for some upgrades of Kwik Stop’s appearance, including its signage. Their previous signage was old and rundown, with their new digital signage, customers are now able to see their messages from a farther distance and in inclement weather. The signage also gives the store a newer, modern look. The store can display messages or advertisements up on the sign and is able to change it every couple of weeks. Kwik Stop has 27 going on 28 locations throughout their state.

“We just kind of had the old, basic sign on the corner where you have to lift it up and we were propping open the signboard and trying to put letters in there,” O’Neill said. “The letters were getting broken, and some of them were different sizes, and it just didn’t look very good. And a lot of our stores are in really nice locations where we have a lot of vehicle traffic, and we wanted to do something that made it look a little bit more crisp and clean.”

Lots of businesses are converting their signs to digital signage. One of the main benefits is that it can be cheaper and easier to change the displays on a digital sign than traditional ones. Traditional signs sometimes will require extra maintenance to change depending on the size of the signs and also require more money to have made. They are also more engaging for customers and can show more than one message at a time. Digital signs can have slideshows of images or display short videos to customers. A common use of digital signs is to show menus, advertisements of current sales or deals and other information about the store or restaurant, like its hours.

Click here to read the full article, originally published April 6, 2023, by Retail Customer Experience.


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