The Benefits LED Lighting Has on Horticulture

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Indoor horticulture and farming have been mostly operated and supported by incandescent or fluorescent tubes. Now that LED lighting has become a mainstream lighting product, farmers and horticulturists have found ways to expand their practice with LED lighting. LED lighting has been able to help innovate the way indoor plants are being taken care of by their owners.
Indoor plants require very specific care in order to keep them healthy. LED lighting can help provide this care much better than alternative lighting bulbs. Since LED lighting does not get as hot as other lighting products, they are able to be kept closer to the plants without burning them or getting them too hot. Plants come in a variety of sizes and require different types of care. LED lighting is more customizable in size, therefore the lights can be installed as ceiling lights, Intracanopy lights or to provide vertical farming lighting depending on the plants needs or the size of the room. Intracanopy lighting is when the lights are in between the plants and vertical farming having lights close up to the plants.
The plants caregivers will have an easier time operating LED lighting than they would incandescent or fluorescent lamps. LEDs require less maintenance and replacements since their lifespan is much longer. LEDs can also be used with lighting control technology. Lighting controls provide the owners with ways to change the brightness, color, and the timing of when the lights turn on and off.
Click here to read the full article posted April 1, 2022, by LEDs Magazine.


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