Facilities Management Takes Priority Post-Pandemic

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Facilities and property managers help maintain the daily operations of a building to help it stay running. They oversee everything from maintenance, ensuring the building has proper security to making sure the tenants don’t have issues with their rentals. Facilities management has become a top priority since the pandemic has slowed down and people are beginning to return to their offices. There are a few things that are taking priority for facility managers to oversee.

Commercial properties are seeking more ways to make their buildings sustainable. A facility manager is going to investigate ways to implement ways to boost sustainability and stay on track with the facility’s ESG plan. They are also the main contact with the local code enforcement to ensure the building is compliant with the city’s codes. They are also the direct point of contact with any contractors doing work on the building. Without a facility manager, the way a business operates could affect their sales. Having a store or restaurant with HVAC broken or not at the right temperature, and broken lighting can affect their customer’s experience. They will also ensure the building is safe and is functioning properly, like cameras or exterior lighting.

Action Services Group helps by finding solutions to commonly faced issues in facility management, such as signage, project management, energy management, procurement and more. Using a turn-key approach, electrical, lighting or signage services and projects are customized for the needs and goals of the client to make facility and project management easier.

Click here to read the full article, originally published, April 30, 2023, by Forbes.


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