Good retail store lighting is more than just about visibility; it’s about creating an experience that attracts customers and drives sales. Lighting sets the stage for how shoppers perceive products and the aesthetic of your store. In this guide, we’ll delve into the essentials of retail lighting and provide tips for making your store shine in 2024.

Importance of Retail Lighting

The right lighting can make your retail space appear larger, brighter, and more inviting. It also plays a crucial role in reflecting your brand’s style and setting your store apart from the competition. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing the perfect lighting for your store.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Opting for energy-efficient lighting not only reduces costs but also minimizes environmental impact. LED bulbs are excellent choices for sizable retail stores that operate long hours. As an added benefit for those upgrading to LED lighting, there are substantial commercial incentives and rebates that retailers can take advantage of.

  1. Fluorescent Lighting

Ideal for creating a bright atmosphere and highlighting products evenly throughout the store. We do not recommend replacing fluorescent with fluorescent, but instead upgrading your lighting to LED.

  1. Halogen Lighting

Offers a bright, focused light and can be found in various spaces in older retail stores. Again we do not recommend halogen lighting, but instead opt for LED lighting.

  1. LED Lighting

Long-lasting and energy efficient with extensive commercial incentives and rebates available, LED’s are perfect for almost every location in a retail setting.


Designing Your Lighting Setup

Lighting style and aesthetic play a crucial role in shaping the overall atmosphere and visual appeal of retail stores. Whether aiming for a modern, minimalist look or a cozy, vintage feel, choosing the right lighting fixtures and placement can significantly enhance the store’s ambiance.

Ceiling Lights

Provide even illumination and are perfect for creating a welcoming atmosphere. They work well for apparel retailers and other businesses that display products.

Wall Sconces

Ideal for creating contrast and intimacy, perfect for higher-end retail stores or areas within the store that need special attention.

Track Lights

Versatile and excellent for providing illumination to entire displays, great for highlighting featured products.

Types of Retail Lighting

  1. Accent Lighting

Used to draw attention to specific areas or merchandise, perfect for creating drama and emphasizing focal points.

  1. Decorative Lighting

Adds charm and ambiance to the store, perfect for creating a unique atmosphere.

  1. Ambient Lighting

Provides even light throughout the space, creating a relaxed atmosphere that highlights merchandise.

  1. Task Lighting

Focuses light on certain work or task areas, ideal for product displays and countertops.

For those wanting a more in-depth look at different types of lighting fixtures for your retail location, we recommend reading, Do You know About This Type of Indoor Lighting. We cover the 14 most common types of indoor LED lighting fixtures in the new educational article.

Choosing the Right Brightness and Color Temperature

Consider the brightness and color temperature to complement your store’s ambiance and merchandise. Warmer color temperatures and lower brightness levels can create a cozy atmosphere, perfect for certain retail environments, while cooler color temperatures and higher brightness levels are more suitable for creating a brighter and vibrant environment.

Ensure Even Illumination

Even illumination is essential to avoid dark spots, shadows, or bright spots that could affect the shopping experience negatively. Ceiling lights provide a good source of even illumination and work well for stores with multiple displays and shelves.

Creating a Store Lighting Plan

Before diving into a lighting plan, ensure compliance with regulations like ADA and IECC. Gather information, measure the space, identify the focus and ambiance, lay out fixtures, choose light bulbs, and finally, install the lights.

Action Services Group has over 32 years of experience in LED retrofits and national lighting upgrade rollouts. With over 2500 technicians across the U.S., we have the capacity, knowledge, and experience to solve all of your lighting concerns. Learn more here, and then schedule a call with one of our experts.

Retail Lighting Best Practices

– Create a visual hierarchy using different types of lights to guide customers’ eyes around the store.

– Use backlighting to highlight products and create depth.

– Utilize window treatments to enhance natural lighting and set the mood.

Embrace Retail Lighting with Action Services Group

Retail lighting is a critical aspect of creating a welcoming atmosphere and driving sales. By following these lighting tips for 2024, you can illuminate your store effectively, highlight your merchandise, and provide a memorable shopping experience for your customers. So, light up your retail space and watch your sales soar!

Action Services Group specializes in LED lighting retrofits and turn-key solutions for retail spaces nationwide. With our expertise in energy-efficient lighting, we help retail businesses upgrade their lighting systems to LED technology, providing cost savings and improved illumination. From initial assessment to installation and ongoing maintenance, Action Services Group offers comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each retail client, ensuring a seamless transition to efficient and effective lighting. Contact one of our lighting experts by calling 610-558-9773, emailing [email protected] or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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