Digital Signage Ideas for Internal Use

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By 2030, the digital signage market is expected to reach an estimated $43.5 billion. Using either LCD, LED, projection technology, or a combination, businesses can create digital signage content that provides an immersive and engaging experience for customers and employees.

As digital signage continues to evolve, and increase in popularity, businesses are taking a look at how it can benefit them.

Benefits of Using Digital Signage in Your Business

Using digital signage in your business comes with multiple benefits that include the following.

  • Cost-effective way to create engaging content
  • Grabs and engages readers’ attention
  • Boost sales
  • Allows you to highlight multiple products and display a variety of content
  • Easy to update in minutes
  • Promotes events, sales, etc.
  • Easy way to keep customers and employees informed and engaged
  • Can distribute content to multiple locations
  • It’s easy to schedule when new content appears
  • Promotes brand recognition

Digital signage can also be integrated into your building’s smart system making it even easier to create and display content.

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Digital Signage for Internal Use

Digital signage is an effective way to communicate with customers but you can also use it to engage employees.

Company Updates

Employees do not always open their emails or take the time to read company newsletters. To ensure you are communicating with all employees, digital signage may be the answer.

You can use the signage to display company updates. It is also an effective way of engaging employees. You can create interactive signage for surveys and polls.

Employee Appreciation

Recognizing employees for their hard work often improves productivity and staff morale. Digital screens are an easy and effective way to shine a spotlight on a deserving employee.

The message can be displayed on screens in the store and employee-only areas. You can also use the signage to wish employees a happy birthday, or anniversary, or to highlight your workplace culture.

Improve Internal Communication

Digital signage is an easy and cost-effective way to communicate with employees and various departments. The screens can display performance goals and metrics to help improve performance and keep employees motivated.

There are additional digital signage benefits outside of communication with your employees. In our blog, Know the Benefits of Digital Signage, we take a look at the benefits for your customers as well as the efficiencies found with digital signage.


Employees can lose their way in larger facilities. It can even happen to new staff members in smaller stores. Digital signage can help employees find their way throughout the building.

You can even use the signage to display traffic updates and commute times to help employees better plan their days.

Set Meeting Times

Employees have busy schedules and meeting rooms can quickly fill up. Using digital signage is an easy way to communicate with employees.

A small screen placed outside a meeting room can let employees know if the space is occupied. You can also use the screen to communicate meeting notes with staff. It’s one way you can communicate with employees without interrupting their busy daily schedules.

Reinforce Company Values

A display screen set up in the lobby, meeting rooms, and other areas employees gather can help communicate your company’s mission and values.

When the display screen is out in public view, it can also reinforce company values to consumers. Not only do employees like insight into the company they work for, but consumers also appreciate knowing more about a business they are supporting.

Display Training Videos

Employee training shouldn’t last for a few days or weeks, it should be an ongoing process. Digital signage placed in areas where employees tend to gather can help to continue their training.

The information displayed on the screen can help keep training tips fresh in new and long-term employees’ minds fresh. It can also show a commitment to helping employees succeed at the company.

Did you know we have additional blogs on the benefits of digital signage for Healthcare and Retail? Check out our Signage Services Blog Feed, for a more in-depth look at the benefits surrounding digital signage.

Publicize Employee Benefits

A great way to use digital screens for internal use is to advertise employee benefits. Does your company offer healthcare or a 401K savings plan? Maybe you are partnered with another retailer offering your employee discounts at their location.

You can use digital signage to advertise these and other benefits. It’s an effective way to show employees that they are an integral part of your company.

Inspire Employees

Digital signage can also be used to inspire employees. Creating content with inspirational quotes and messages can make the start of the workday go a little smoother. It can also help employees get through tough times when nothing on the job seems to be going right.

Contact Action Services Group for Your Digital Sign Install

You have a lot going on and it often doesn’t include time to install a digital sign for employees. Since you don’t want to miss out on the benefits, contact Action Services Group to handle your digital sign installs. We will take care of everything, so all that’s left for you is to create content that resonates with your staff.

To speak with Action Services Group about your digital signage needs call 610-558-9773, email [email protected], or you can schedule a call that fits your need by clicking the button below.

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  1. Corporate Signage

    Internal digital signage can be a powerful tool for communication, engagement, and information-sharing within an organization. Use digital signage to display training schedules, upcoming workshops, and resources to support employee growth and skill development.


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