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Reality Check for LED Lifetime Claims

Reality Check for LED Lifetime Claims

Alex Baker, manager of government affairs and public policy for the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), recently wrote an article for LEDsmagazine, where he expanded upon the topic of LED lifespan.As Baker walks us through an LEDs lifespan and how it is calculated...

Metal Halide vs. LED

Metal Halide vs. LED

For decades, metal halide lights were said to be one of the best lighting options around. Not only are they more efficient than incandescent lights, but they also burn much brighter. However, as technology has evolved, other types of lighting may be a better option...



Energy efficiency has long been a concern for consumers. Our reliance on artificial lighting has made particularly true when considering the type of lamp you wish to use. From illuminating parking lots at night to providing ample interior lighting for businesses and...

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